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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Store News
We're exploring the idea of a model train swap meet in Spencer!
We have plenty of space in a vacant building next to the store and Steve has plenty of
older Lionel items he'd like to sell so we might begin opening the building on Saturdays at some
interval to be determined and rent tables for our customers to share train items they'd like to sell
or even just show off!
Before we get too deep into the process of setting this up we'd like to know how many of you
would be interested in participating and/or shopping at a regular swap meet like this.
Drop me an e-mail at
and let me know whether you'd be interested.
If we get a good response we'll start working on a schedule and table pricing and let you know ASAP.

What a busy beginning to the year!

If you haven't noticed already, check our website for details about our Ebay auctions. We've begun to use Ebay to move more of our older stock that hasn't sold in the store. The products we list on Ebay are being sold at or below in cost in many cases so be sure to keep an eye on it!

Also, check out the new catalogs from Lionel and MTH. We're taking special orders so be sure to place yours now before it's too late.

A customer of the shop is looking to sell his fully portable 36x96 HO scale train layout. The layout features a coal mining theme. Contact Jimmie Combs by e-mail at or by phone at 704-871-0827 if you might be interested.